• Healing Plants of Fiji – A Book About Traditional Healing Plants

    A 432 hardcover book authored by a renowned local botanist on the Healing Plants of Fiji. It mentions a total of over 270 plant species used in 1500 concoctions to treat almost 400 ailments as recorded from traditional healers. 

  • RAK LA FAEAG ROTUAM – A Book About Learning To Speak Rotuman

    “Rak la faeag Rotuam, Learn to speak Rotuman” is a bilingual learning platform for all ages and for all races. It is an introduction to learning the Rotuman language and the content is simple, using everyday language scenarios and is suitable and relevant for first -time learners of the Rotuman language.

  • $29.41
  • $11.76
  • Le Sagsaga

    A bilingual story for children. 

  • $3.76
  • $3.76
  • $9.41
  • Na iLululu – DVD

    The second Fijian drama in the Fijian language. It is about the Fijian tradition of presenting the children to their maternal village for the first time.

  • Lakovi(Text)

    The first ever Fijian drama in the Fijian language. Written by Dr. Apolonia Tamata and Larry Thomas. Now used as a Fijian Literature Text in High Schools.

  • O Teri kei Kalavo

    E dua tiko na nomu itau dredre, drau veilomani sara vakalevu? So na gauna e qai yaco na ka me vakaleqa na veiwekani ya. Sara ka vuli mai na kena ivakasala ena itukutuku “Teri kei Ra Kalavo”!

  • $8.50
  • Tuimacilai – A Life of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara (Book)

    A biography of Ratu Sir Kamises Kapaiwai Tuimacilai Mara depicting a remarkable story of  his leadership in Fiji and the Pacific as a Chief Minister, Prime Minister and President of the Republic of the Fiji Islands. 


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